Future self…

Dear Future Self, 

The lessons learned throughout the journey of MA in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship will always be part of my practices in the future and would greatly help me in making decisions and carrying out the business processes in the future. 

I still remember the day when I had to enrolled for MA in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship, when I was asked about my ambitions and the reason for enrolling in this particular program. I was very much sure about my interest in starting my own business in the future. However, what I was not sure about was that, whether I will be able to successfully incorporate my knowledge and skills and make it a success in the market or not. But when I started attending my classes for the module, I came to know that there is much more than just thinking about starting my own business, as each and every successful business needs to be properly planned and require sufficient level of skills, knowledge, and abilities to perform the business operations efficiently and effectively. 

This overall module has greatly helped me in differentiating between analytical thinking and design thinking, before the module I often used to think about the possible products that can be offered to the market and multiple different business plans. But this module has taught me to consider design thinking by focusing on the problem of the market regardless of just analysing the product or business (Jain, 2018).  

I have learned that the value proposition is the key to being successful in today’s competitive business environment. My overall thoughts about being an entrepreneur have got significant aid by developing my knowledge and understanding regarding numerous different strategies and activities for startups. This overall module has introduced me to design thinking that has further allowed me to focus on the people in the market rather than just focusing on the products. 

This has helped me in understanding the importance of identifying the problem and gap in the market that has further helped me in identifying the needs and wants of the customers in the market. The five stages of design thinking taught to us in the module has greatly helped me in understanding the overall value of developing a deeper understanding of the gap in the market and then defining that particular gap (Pinheiro, 2014). After that, design thinking helps in brainstorming potential solutions to the identified problem and then developing the prototype which is then tested xin order to evaluate the response of the market. 

Furthermore, this overall module has given me ample chances to practically enhance my overall knowledge and skills by providing me the opportunity to form our group and develop a product. Before the beginning of the task, I was very nervous when we had to decide on the product and to pitch the product in our elevator pitch presentation. This activity has helped me in identifying multiple different abilities, skills, and shortcomings in myself. 

During the task, I felt very much confident after the identification of the market gap and the development of the product for the market. I believe that some of my strongest abilities and skills during the task were my communication skills, team building, time management skills, and leadership skills. The task was very scattered in the initiation and it was difficult to being together all of the teammates to one idea. However, when our tutor guided us through the value proposition canvas everything started getting simpler for us. 

We have learned that value proposition to the customers is the key to the success of any business in the market and the canvas served as an essential guiding tool for us by allowing us to identify the overall value that our product (Easy-Out) can offer to the customers (Brenda et al, 2015).  

After evaluating the proposed value of Easy-Out to the customers everything started getting simpler for us and we were given a task to develop a lean canvas for our product. 

During the overall task, I identified that my major weakness was to deliver the pitch in front of others, and I lacked confidence during the delivery of the presentation. I do believe that this overall module has given me ample opportunities to overcome my weaknesses by providing me numerous different opportunities to speak up my thoughts and opinions and to present our product on multiple different occasions like Dragons Den Elevator Pitch, the trade fair in Kingston Business School, Bright Ideas Competition, development of advertisement for Easy-Out and Eden Walk Trade Fair. 

All of these platforms have greatly helped me in addressing my shortcomings and I do believe that all of these activities have greatly helped me and supported me in being expressive and presenting our product to other people. The bright ideas competition has greatly helped me in being expressive and to take part in the competition collectively with teamwork and passion. I believe that all of our team members were very much passionate and enthusiastic about our product when we were nominated to Bright Ideas Grand Finale. The competition was for all the students from different departments and the ideas were categorised in multiple different categories.

We did practice for more than 5 days consecutively considering my shortcomings of talking in front of people. However, my delivery skills were improving, and thanks to one of my friends who gave me the idea to keep notes during the presentation regardless of memorising. Unfortunately, we did not win the competition, but all of us were pleased with the victory of other participants and learned from our mistakes. This has greatly helped me in overcoming my weaknesses and in delivering my presentations with confidence. 

Furthermore, one of the best activities that have greatly helped every single member of our team was the Eden Walk Trade Fair. After getting recognition for the best advertisement for Easy-Out all of the team members were very much excited to present our product in front of the customers in a business shopping center in Kingston (Figure 1).

Figure (1)

I believe the task has greatly helped us in strengthening our entrepreneurship skills by getting out of our comfort zones and interacting with the target customers. The activity was held on the 22nd of February 2020. We were supposed to be present at the shopping centre at 08:45 to set up our stand and we started the activity at 10 am.

 Our stand was on the most convenient and accessible location, which presented numerous different benefits to us including good customer flow and huge customer interaction. The activity has greatly helped us in:

  • Engaging with the customers in a professional and positive manner
  • Providing the solution to the customer by communicating them the need i.e. market problem or gap
  • Interact with the customers through social networking platforms and informing them about our presence at the shopping mall.
  • Obtaining feedback from the customer regarding the product and its utility to them.

We had almost a month to prepare for the event; however, our prototype was not as per our expectations. I believe that this was because of us not being able to properly communicate with the manufacturer. Also, we must have focused on keeping the substitute manufacturer or at least consulting another manufacturer for the manufacturing of the prototype. However, we did not have much time in the end to search for another manufacturer. However, we contended ourselves with the prototype and decided to communicate with the customers by showing them our advertisements. This turned out to be an effective strategy, as it allowed us to further promote our product on social networking platforms as well. We also distributed our business cards to most of the customers by interacting with them in an efficient manner. 

I believe that the overall task was very much fruitful for all of us team members as it has helped us in identifying the potential and scope for the product in the market by obtaining feedback from the customers. Most of the customers found the product very much convenient and useful for them reflecting the potential growth and success of the product in the market. Further, the task has greatly helped us in focusing on more precise target customers segment as the product was mostly liked by the students and youngsters who often like to eat from their favorite fast-food joints and can carry the tray in their bags conveniently.

This overall task has helped us in understanding the importance of developing contingency plans so that the chances of any possible issues can be minimised. For instance, we should have planned for at least 2 manufacturers for the products, which could have helped us in getting the prototype ready within time and keeping the bargaining power of suppliers low as well. 

Throughout the learning process, I have gained sufficient knowledge and skills regarding the startups and effective management of the business processes and active participation of the whole team has greatly helped all of us in effectively carrying out the overall task. After all of these tasks and interactions with other people, we started preparing the final report for our product which we had to present on our dragons’ den presentation. I have now overcome my weakness and believe that I can present any product in front of people. 

We had to present our product at our final presentation in front of the judges and as always all of us reached early so we can prepare for the presentation. All of us started sharing their own ideas and opinions to deliver the presentation in an efficient and effective manner in front of the judges. I would like to say that we did a great job of delivering our presentation and explaining our journey throughout the module. 

In the end, I would like to say that this overall module has greatly helped me in pursuing my goal of becoming an entrepreneur. I have always been interested in developing the product that can serve the needs of the customer and can obtain the swift response of the customers, but along with the development of my knowledge and skills in the area, I have learned that the utility of such products tends to diminish along with the passage of time. Hence it is necessary for an entrepreneur to continuously monitor the changing needs and wants of the customers and to establish and deliver the products accordingly in order to obtain a better response from the market and to stay ahead of the customer in the market. This overall module has taught me numerous different skills, processes, and strategies most importantly it has helped me with my creative confidence as an entrepreneur. 

All of this will greatly help me in the future while carrying out the research for any business or product idea and to turn that idea into reality after getting its initial research. The teachings from this module will greatly help me in being a successful entrepreneur by considering the overall importance of need identification and delivering the product in the market that can meet the changing needs and wants of the target customers in an efficient and effective manner along with continuous development in the product and value proposition. 

Dragons’ Den (Part2)

I am sure that you remember my problem, which is I got nervous and confused when standing in front of people, especially in the presentation, This time a friend of mine advised me to use the notes when I present, even if I memorised it well because the moment of confusion is fast and you may waste the time specified for us. I responded to this advice and started it this time.

After completing this presentation and Q&A, the judges gave us some direct advice in addition to the evaluation, which was sent to us later. The advice was strong and real, as it required us to amend the presentation. Also, there was a dose of positivity and enthusiasm, which helped us lift our spirits. The good news is that one of the judges commented on the notes and advised me to use the logo from the back as branding, and this is what I will definitely do next time.

13th of March:

This road is nearing completion, the way I enjoyed and learned a lot with the participation of the team, the team that supported me a lot and I am grateful to every member: Tsana, May, and Elham. They are so awesome, I will never forget what they gave me and the beautiful moments we shared together, even the hardships we went through and used to support each other. This journey, which lasted nearly 6 months, is in this module and this is our last day.

Our turn was at 3:00 PM, and as usual, we attended early so that we could practice together to deliver within the specified time. The time for us now exactly 6 minutes, and 10 minutes for Q&A. There is no way to extend it at all. Also, at this point, there will be winners for the best product/service that has been presented, and for those who wish to complete what they have started outside the university and present it as a real competition project in the market. Therefore, everyone must also prepare a two-minute presentation in case of winning in front of all.

We waited outside the room at 2.30 pm, between the other teams and everyone was tense, we stayed waiting for the team before us to ask them: How was it? What are the questions that were asked? How was your performance? …Etc

Our time has finally come, we presented very well, compared to previous times, despite the tension, but we are optimistic and smiling. We finished at the exact time, received several questions and were answered. In addition to simple ideas that may help us in the future.

L-R : Sarah, Tsana, Mai, and Elham

Finally, we finished. We waited at the university until the meeting and announce the final results of the winners – my team is not among them – congratulations to the winning teams. I wish you success on your way.

Here we finish the interesting path, I hope you enjoyed me, and we will definitely meet soon on another exciting journey.

Business Report & Dragons’ Den (part1)

Welcome again, we finished Kingston Eden Walk Trade Fair and surely we gained more experience dealing with the public and its requirements. Besides,to what we have learned in the first trade fair, and all this enriches our knowledge in general.

Reality can sometimes be difficult to implement, but it is beneficial and is considered an unforgettable experience especially if there are problems that need rapid intervention to solve which makes the person in a state of alertness and preparedness.

This station, we almost reached the end. We were asked to write a business report. From everything, we have done in the past. Identify important points for clarification in the report. This report is for all team members, not for individuals. So, the work was divided between us.

We understand very well what we have done as ideas and works, but when writing them as a report it becomes rather complicated. As a team, we decided to divide the work between us so that each member focuses on a particular point and makes it easier for us. And because there is a difference in the method and style of a person, the points were collected and reviewed by one person who modified them so that to be more harmony in the style.

The points we were asked are:

  • Business Pitch:
  • Marketing.
  • Finances.
  • Ambition, Customer Relations & Lessons Learned.
  • Sales & Brand—Display Merchandising, Packaging.

In fact, we faced one problem outside our control, which is our inability to meet. This is due to the Corona Virus, which has started to circulate around us. For our fear of sicknesses or transmission of infection to another person. But everyone was understanding. Also, that we can do everything, even in hard circumstances, as long as the goal exists.

We finished the report. Because we must take the most important points in it and make a presentation. On the 6th of March mock Dragons’ Den. this presentation aims to present it to the judges for 6 minutes and 10 minutes for Q&A. also to take their feedback and advice to amend it and present it in the best way for the Dragons’ Den on the 13th of March.

On that day, the general atmosphere is full of tension and this is normal even if this a mock. you have produced a product/service from A to Z and now it is being offered for the first time to judges after it is almost finished. This stage is not graded, it is only to help improve the presentation and take feedback and evaluation. so that the next presentation would be better.

to be continued,,,


Welcome back, I hope you’re doing well, on this journey as you know, we’re going to finish all the tasks in this unit. I also post the most important events that occurred in this way. The ad was voted as the best ad, while the competition was tough between us and another team. Fortunately, we were chosen.

This station is a continuation of the Trade fair series, but here we must stand up and present in front of a real audience in the busiest shopping centre in Kingston, exactly as shown in (picture 1)

Picture (1)

The aim of this is to test and strengthen our motivation and skills in entrepreneurship, and most importantly, get out of the comfort zone and interact with the public more broadly.

The exact date is February 22nd, which means the weather will never be nice. We are recommended to take precautions by wearing several layers for this day. According to the schedule, we must be present at 8:45 AM. to prepare the stand and meet the audience. And we actually started from 10 AM until 5 PM. Luckily out stand was in a very convenient location. 

The most important advice that we received:

  • Engage with customer and judges positively and professionally.
  • If you are unable to equip your product/service, show the prototypes, drawing, and sketches.
  • Be clear about the problem you are dealing with your product/service.
  • The price should be clear.
  • Stand design preferably efficient and tidy.
  • Tweet and post be interacting on social media to attract customers to your stand.

However, we had almost a month to prepare and got the product ready. We met with the carpenter more than once to explain the product and clarify the most important features that must be present in the product, to go to the next step to calculate the cost and accordingly the pricing.

Unfortunately, the product was not well understood by the carpenter, or perhaps the problem was that we could not explain it well. Although we had sent the prototype with him to be able to apply it as is. But in the end, the tray was madedid NOT meet our expectations. At the same time, we do not have enough time to search for another carpenter and explain the idea again, so we decided to content ourselves with the prototype.

Using Plan B, it is the introduction of the prototype, the video ad, and the business card printing. The most important of all is the promotion of our brand to firmly in the mind of the customer. Because it is considered one of the most important signs of marketing success.

We were in direct contact with people on the street, and we invited them to see the product and get acquainted with it to clarify the image further. One of the team members wore the tray on her neck and walked around while the other one was explaining tactfully to the customer and the others too. And certainly, everyone distributes the business card.

Here we stop, see you next time…

Bright Ideas Grand Final & the Oscar story

Welcome to my special journey, As you know, we were nominated as a team to enter the Bright Ideas Grand Final. This competition was for all students from different departments, not just the Design Thinking for Stat-Ups students.

The day set for it is February 5, based at Kingston University, the grand prize will be voted on by all participants. The applicants are divided according to the certain categories, and for each category, one winner is chosen, and voting is done among them.

We were practising almost five days for pitching. You know, I am having difficulty getting up and talking in front of people a little bit, But the good thing about all of this is this skill is gradually improving, and when I focus on it, I feel a little satisfied.

However, we had to make the presentation for three minutes, and five minutes for the questions. This creates a little bit of tension because if you forget, time will run out.

On this day we started the meeting at 3:00 PM in the theatre and we were distributed to groups. We entered the room, there were 4/5 judges Then we started pitching, as instructed. After finishing, we waited for 5:30 PM to announce the results.

Unfortunately, our team did not win at this stage, but we were pleased with the victory of our participating colleagues, we forgot this loss. More importantly, we learn from our mistakes, as Robert F. Kennedy said “only these who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly”.

And with this, we finished the Bright ideas station, and we went to the next station.

We were asked to make an advertising video of the product/service for 0:30 seconds to 1:00 minute. Our lecturer gave us some tips before we started shooting:

What it needs to do:

Connect with your customer on emotional, physical and cognitive levels (EPC):

  • Emotional: Show why the product is fun, or relaxing or clever. Think about the personality of your company.
  • Physical: Show how it works.
  • Cognitive: Show why it makes sense to buy it or use it.

Additionally, we have seen some examples of inferring good and bad adverts.

Easy-out Ad | Mobile Foldable Tray

As you know that Easy-Out is a tray that addresses many problems, whether at home or outside, so this is a foldable, light and it is easy to carry it with you wherever you go. 

Because I have read Leo Burnett’s saying once: “don’t tell me how good you make it, tell me how good it makes me when I use it”. We decided to shoot in 3 different places, which are the most common places to use Easy-Out:

  • A busy restaurant (no free table).
  • In the park or picnic (more comfortable).
  • at home.

to clearly explain what can easy-out help you.

With this ad, it was voted in the lecture as the best advertisement. So, my team (Future Dream) won the Oscar Awards.

That’s all for now, see you soon.

Kingston Business School Trade Fair

Welcome back to my journey, in which I present to you the most important things I have learned. Especially in Design Thinking for Stat-Ups module.

In this station, we stand at our first trade fair, and it is the first unique and rich experience, whether on the personal level or the events that took place.

At Kingston Business school University on Thursday. It is the expected day we have prepared for it previously. Excited, afraid, tense, and looking forward to what will happen. It’s the first time that we stand in front of customers and judges in a public place. present our ideas, our vision and receive opinions and suggestions.

There was competition among all the teams, including the

  • best product
  • The best sales team
  • And the best trade stand

These prizes are awarded by the judges when they walk around all the teams. £10 were collected from each team to contribute to these prizes. And the team that wins is running for the big competition for the Bright Ideas, and the prize then is 1,000 pounds, in addition to other prizes.

With all this, we can never deny our feelings, which are a mixture of tension and enthusiasm. As for the fear of failure, I was able to personally overcome it when I have read the saying of Paula Scher “ it’s through mistakes that you actually can grow, you have to get bad in order to get good” also, “ you have to fail in order to make the next discovery”. Paula believes that the secret to success is this failure, and she is one of the most famous graphic designers in the world. This means that there is no real failure unless you stop trying again, but if you keep trying to discover and correct your mistakes, you always win.

L-R: Elham, Tsana, Sarah, Janja and Mai

However, on that day, we identified the uniform, we as a team, which is black and white. We met for about an hour before we started to prepare the table. We have started showing all the prototypes that we have done for customers and judges, answering the questions asked and listening to the customers while observing the reaction of some. For example, we generally noticed that women liked the idea more than men.

Easy-Out Trade fair
Kingston Business School

On the other hand, in general, we have got encouragement, some ideas and suggestions that contribute to the development of our product and meet the needs of customers more. Actually, it is not an easy thing to market your product, but because it is the first time that I think we did well.

One of the best things that happened in the end when the judges began to announce the results. The surprise is, easy-out got the first place for THE BEST TRADE STAND.

It was our first experience facing the customers and to get new reactions. We must first understand the product so that we can explain to customers easily and briefly. And then listen well to the customers

  • Taking new problems from the customer, which we may be able to solve through the product and develop it.
  • Understanding the customer and our ability to meet them needs indirectly.
  • Accept all opinions, even negative ones.

Certainly, all this work doesn’t come through one person in the group, this is what developed our skill as a team, and we were able to participate in filling the gaps that happened because our goal is one.

That’s all I have, for now, see you next time,,,

Bright Ideas Sprint Weekend

Hello, and welcome back to my journey, I hope you all we. This is the second semester and we were excited to continue the other half of our Cours. In this stage, we began with preparation for the first trade fair in Kingston Business school.

It was agreed with the team that we hold our weekly meeting every Wednesday. It depends on our schedule of lectures, because on Wednesdays we only have one lecture in the morning, so it is the most appropriate for meetings. Of course, in the beginning, we had to prepare for the first trade fair.

At first, as a start-up company, we have to define our identity, by this I mean the company’s and the product’s logos. From my simple experience, I know that each colour has a certain meaning and energy. For example, the blue colour means calm, relaxation and security, because it is the colour of the sky and the sea. It also gives a sense of ability and confidence. Such as most banks around the world and most social media platforms. That is why we unanimously decided to choose the yellow colour because it symbolises creativity, optimism, intelligence and self-steam.

The Power of Colours

We started with the initial design for the logos as well as content for the posters and flyers.

At the end of the following week on the 18th and the 19th of January, we had an important event, Which is the Bright Ideas Sprint, It was in Kingston Penrhyn Road campus, from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM. We had previously registered in the Bright Idea as a team for this event. We attended with other students from different departments. 

We shared ideas with the others and went deeply into the Entrepreneurship Process, The Value Proposition Canvas and Business Model Canvas.

The guest speaker was the international music producer “Sazrah”, she was one of Kingston’s student and she gave us some tips for Business networking:

  • Help yourself by promoting others.
  • (here is my card) not effective as (Let’s exchange cards).
  • Allow time to build relationships.

After that we were divided into groups, each individual presented his/her idea to exchange views and suggestions.

There is no doubt that it is a practical and effective way to develop oneself and ideas as well as products

These were all the news so far, thank you for following me, see you at the next stop on my special journey.

What did I miss

Hello again, at this post I’m going to share with you what I missed in the first two weeks before I came here, as you know I’m here doing my masters to learn. However, I have asked my friends about their experiences and what they learned of it.


At the first weekend, about 3 classes from the university had to be in the Surrey County Council to work on something called “Hackathon”.at the beginning of the hackathon’s people gave my classmates an introduction and brief about the Surrey community and some of the problems the community is facing. Thy looking for creative and new ideas from the students to help. Actually, the trust of the University and the County Hall amazed me as it gave the student a feeling of confidence and the ability to make a difference.

The students were all new, which was in the first week in the University and that it was very stressful not knowing anyone and most importantly not knowing what they will be facing during the weekend. But in the end, they all agreed that, it was the best icebreaker and they devoted their skills in team working and how to deal with work pressure. The interesting point that most of the students came from different backgrounders and came together to help a society that is different than theirs. I thought this must have been an obstacle but it turned out to be a positive thing. As it facilitated creative solutions as people view things differently in a different part of the world. The facilitators gave the students steps and guidance from the design thinking tools to guide them and help them come up with an affective solution to help the community. My classmates shared with me their creative ideas and talked about the short yet affective learning curve in the skills of pitching.

Redesign a Shoe:

There are five stages of the Design Thinking process, starting with Empathise, Define, Ideate, Prototype and final test. Using this process my classmates redesigned a shoe, they started the 1st step by going around the campus observing users having interview and conversations instead of surveys as Janja gave an interesting example of how a conversation and an interview is more valuable and insightful than a survey. They were looking mostly for extreme users, and in this case, anyone who is not wearing sneakers. As extreme users can give you a deeper understanding than normal users. They took pictures and notes about the users and why they chose to wear the shoes they are wearing. Next step was Define, they highlighted their key findings to then used POV Statement

 Moving to the 3rd step, the students started with ideation which includes brainstorming and many solutions as possible to create the perfect shoes for their persona then they moved to the prototype creating amazing shoes with very simple material and this has taught them a lot as they did not spend so much time in. In the ideation phase, they learned that sometimes creating things can actually give you better ideas. 

Dragons Den

Hello again, hope you well. Now we are nearing the end of the year (2019), also nearing the end of the first semester. I’m having many mixed feelings, a bit excited, happy confused scared and confident. Maybe because we have nearly finished the first part of my interesting year. In addition, the most important part of this semester in the Design Thinking module was coming which was the final destination in my journey in 2019.

The 6th of December was the date of the Dragon’s Den, the day that we all had to present our ideas to the judges and audience. We had to convince them especially the judges, we needed the approval because if we were not we had to find another idea and do the whole thing we have done it before to the new idea.

One day we’d had a meeting with our lecturer janja, and she made us to rethinking of the name f smart tray, something related to our company and the product. Then we decided to change the name to Easy-out. 

For the Dragon’s Den, we have been told that: 1- you only have 5 minutes to present. 2- no slide. 3- we like prototypes, posters and props. That what made us to thinking the second better prototype.

Plus, we will be evaluated based on:

1.Elevator Pitch. Did you try to explain your product/idea clear in a direct way?

2. The needed or problem you are addressing, and the target group. Have you identified exactly the problem? Who exactly the people who experience problem? Who are you customers?

3. The product / service. Provide an outline of the product? How is it working? How it helps the identified needs?

4. Alternatives and competitors. Did you know who are your competitors? What distinguishes your product from them?

5. Market entry. Did you present your plan to appeal to your first customer? How will you make your product available in your target market?

6. Overall presentation. Did the team have excellent presentation skills needed by entrepreneurs?

that’s what we were working on in our presentation. Also, we had hardly practiced especially me, as you know I’m not good enough and didn’t want to let my friends down. I admit that my team helped me all the time and they gave me the easiest part of the presentation.

At the Dragon’s Den day, my team and I  agreed to wear a uniform that was black and white. We arrived early to practice in the same room before people came in. finally, it was the time to did our best.

L-R: Sarah, mai and Elham

I think we all did well with little hesitation from me and did well with answering the judges and audience. But to be honest, it wasn’t easy!. Thank you, my team, for everything you have done to success this day.

This brings us to the final destination on my journey in the first semester. Hope you enjoyed with me. For the next post, I’ll tell you about two important experiences I have missed.

that’s all for now, see you next time ❤

The Idea, part2

Hello again, I hope you all good today. Continuing to the last post, we had done the first prototype “ Smart Tray”. In the next class, all teams should present their ideas with 7 minutes dramatised presentation.

Honestly, I’m not good at presentations at all, I always thank my team for being patient with me and helping me all the time, I’m just good with my hands to do stuff like drawing or build anything with simple equipment.

However, our presentation was a scene that a customer came to the cashier to order a meal in a fast-food restaurant with no place to this customer to sit and eat then the customer takes the tray to eat anywhere. I’m glad that we received good feedback from the lecturer and our classmates, we’d had uncertainty all the days before but with that, I really started believing in this idea and I’m sure everyone in the team the same.

Then I kept going on my journey to the next stop, which is a real business step. It was how to translate everything in our minds about our idea to words, answering specific questions called Lean Canvas. Ash Maurya has created 1-page businesses plan to assist you in dismantling your idea into key assumptions. It takes a short time to complete compared to a normal business plan and it is easier to share or update with your team or even when you are pitching investors. One more benefit as I remember is that it’s readable, everyone can read and understand it with saving their time because every single answer should be short and clear.

We have been asked to bring two more ideas on the same day we met at Starbucks, Kingston. it’s the first time we meet out of the campus, it was really convenient and we all had fun in this meeting. When we started, we just found one more idea which was like a small pad placed in the shoulder when we carry a heavy bad to reduce the shoulder pain. After that we started to do Lean Canvas, we followed the voting system as usual. In each question everyone wrote the answers then we choose the most appropriate answer depending on the voting, everyone was happy with that in both ideas.

The class after, we did the second presentation, it was 5 minutes start-up and we talked about our ideas especially the second one, of course, we had a discussion with the others our classmates, they give us their opinions and the feedback to improve our ideas. To be honest, getting feedback always makes me happy and proud of what I’m working on as well as when I give my opinion to someone, the first thing that comes to my mind is how can I help at any point or/and encourage them to do their best.

I’d like to share with you all something I like in my friend “Tsana’s blog” which is an article “five reasons why feedback may be the most important skill

That all for now, see you next time ❤

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